Sarah Manwaring

Sarah has been sharing yoga for 18 years and resides in Squamish, BC with her family. As a yoga teacher, she is inspired to create a collective coherence, where individuals can have a visceral experience of ease, power & space both on and off the mat.
She weaves together the wisdom of dynamic movement play with the subtle energetic conversations going on beneath the visible surface of form. In recent years, Sarah has been curiously studying the nervous system as an organ we can learn to listen to as a resource for healing, creativity & presence. With a reverence for yogic stories and the timeless wisdom of practice, Sarah is passionate about the ways we can engage with yoga as a way of holding space for the inevitable paradoxes of truth which unfold in all of our lives.

Sarah’s main influences include her dear friend & yoga mentor Gioia Irwin, Orit Sen Gupta, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Roshi Joan Halifax, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen & Mary Oliver.