Jasmin Parkin

Jasmin is a musician and yogi who has always had a great love for people and the healing arts. She found yoga while in music school in 2007. After years of practicing the piano and doing various jobs that stressed both her wrists and hands, she began to realize that she needed a form of exercise that would strengthen her muscles and joints. She started devoting herself to a serious yoga practice in 2011. While she was initially curious about hot yoga, she eventually found that her true love and passion was for Vinyasa Yoga. As she experienced increased physical strength and flexibility, she also felt a strengthening of mind and spirit. Furthermore, through regular practice, she discovered that she could bring the peace and calm of the mat into her day-to-day life. As a touring musician, she is constantly dealing with an incredibly demanding schedule and a hectic pace of life. She had therefore never experienced the kind of centered calm that yoga offers before. Yoga has helped her to heal from both physical and emotional deterioration, and she is eternally grateful.

As a teacher, Jasmin hopes to help others find their own path into yoga, healing, and physical freedom: to accompany them as the physical and spiritual sides of the practice come together in their lives, as they did in hers.

Jasmin has studied with Tina Pashumati James, Emerson Lim, Michael Olivatto, and most recently Chris Clancy and Jolene Bayda. Her current focus of study is in bio-tensegrity based yoga, which looks at the body as one whole interconnected web. She believes deeply in helping students cultivate awareness of the body from the inside, and moving through asana practice from a place of true connection to self.